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Our family came upon the lodge in 2002, a ghost of times past; having sat empty for nearly 20 years. The historical significance was unknown to us at that time but the rustic beauty charmed us. We inquired and found the tall pines that had surrounded the building were clear cut and it was slated to be razed to make space for a modern strip motel. Disappointed with the fate of this humble home from the past, we were inspired to try to purchase and restore the lodge to its original state. In time we were able to purchase the property and set about a three year process to restore this lodge to the very historical roots that were so deeply part of the early settling of the area. As we worked the entire community visited us over time and told us about the truly historical significance of the lodge and in doing so bolstered our determination to complete the restoration. Today it stands as a breathing remembrance of the early days of settling Thendara/Old Forge.

To help with the cost of maintaining the lodge for prosperity, we offer accommodations to friends and supporters of the Adirondack lifestyle with an opportunity to enjoy visiting the area and staying in a venue that has a very special connection to the past and future of the countries most significant natural wilderness preserve.

Bikes on site
Full Kitchen
Fire Pit &
Seating Area
2 Full Baths
soaking clawfoot tub
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